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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ding Dong The Bitch Is Gone

    Come on now...can anyone really, truly tell me that Ashlee was nice? No way! She was a bitch and cold hearted and manipulative and repetitive and ohhhhh soooooo freaken BORING!!! It was always the same thing with her...he past her past her past...her rejection, rejection, rejection!! GET OVER IT GIRL!!! I mean it was like she always brought Sean down with the talk all the time of her childhood and why she is the way she is because of her rejection as a child. Ok...we got it...now MOVE ON!!!! And that monotone voice. Remember when they went on the date with those two little girls at the amusement park? She looked so annoyed that the date did not revolve her...THAT IS WHEN I SAW THROUGH HER....but poor Sean did not! That's ok...she is gone now!!! Tierra must be so excited!!! Karma baby...you gotta love karma! Look at her eyes....pure evil and hate!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

KiddNationTV Live Interview..Before Bachelor

His sister is on this interview and he is so candid. he talks about almost everything.

Sean Lowe calls The Big J Show (KRSQ Hot 101.9) to talk about the 17th season of The Bachelor on ABC

Of course another interview that I found for all us fans...Am I crazy but I could not get enough!!

Bachelor Sean Caught In A Bridal Shop

Sean With Seacrest

Seacreast always looks soooo sarcastic...but Sean of course adorable as always. I am sad to say that he did not keep his promise to his mom : don't overdo the kissing and making out.

Acces Hollywood Live Interview

Interview where he tells that he refuses to watch the show with his parents...he's shy when he kisses. There is talk about his drinking game with his buddies while watching the show. Of course they talk about Tierra...poor Tierra I still like her no matter what!!!

An Old Interview Before The Bachelor

The interview before he accepted his bachelor position! He talks about possibly accepting being the bachelor, Emily, the joke he did on Emily and muc more!

Sean on Kimmel

 I found this and thought he was sooo adorable on this interview. Of course he talks about his body and abs and the girls.

Sean Interview..Must See

Sean Interview...Must See

Desiree of The Bachelor talks about her jerk brother and losing Sean

Desiree of The Bachelor talks about her jerk brother and losing Sean

The Bachelor: 'The Bachelor' Interview with Sean Lowe!

The Bachelor: 'The Bachelor' Interview with Sean Lowe!: "There are just two episodes left before The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, is faced with his final rose ceremony. Sean stopped by our LA studio...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Bachelor contestant Selma Alameri talks Sean Lowe

Fan Spotted Sean and Catherine

I found a youtube of Sean and Catherine 10/29/2012??? Here is the lnk to the article as well as the video. I'm confused!!! Its was on her hometown date.


Tierra LiCausi Is Getting Married!

Tierra LiCausi Is Getting Married!

More Articles Confirming That Tierra Is Engaged

   Tierra was from the start my favorite girl. I was greatly disappointed with the bullying that was done to her and how Sean fell for the drama that the other girls were creating around her because of their jealousy! I mean come on! What did he think was going to happen when all of a sudden he gives her a rose as soon as he sees her for the first time!!????!!! To make it worse he waits till St.Croix to finally get her on a one to one date with her? He didn't even stand up for her and protect her when he supposedly believed her that they were attacking her in the house. Instead he believes Ashley and throws Tierra off the show like she had insulted him and was an embarrassment!
   I am so happy to hear that she is engaged tonight. I had been so upset since Monday but after hearing about her engagement I AM EXCITED and wish her ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD!
Here are the links to the other article : http://rumorfix.com/2013/02/tierra-licausi-is-getting-married/


The Bachelor: The Bachelor's Tierra LiCausi is engaged!

 I FOUND THE ARTICLE!!!!!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPPYYY!!!!!!!! I AM LITERALLY BANGING ON MY LAPTOP WRITING UP THIS POST. I heard that Tierra might be engaged and read that Ashley was bashing her, saying that it wasn't true....but IN YOUR FACE ASHLEY!!! Get a look at her finger!
   Tierra I love you girl and wish you the very best! I was hoping it would have been you that ended up with Sean but after I saw how he fell into the bullying and threw you off the show I was so sad; but now I am truly happy for you and wish you nothing but the best! I am happily married for 9 years and I know about catty bitches who just want to bring strong women down! I am proud of you for sticking up to then and not letting them take away your sparkle!!

The Bachelor: The Bachelor's Tierra LiCausi is engaged!: The most dramatic woman in Bachelor history is reportedly engaged (and not to Sean Lowe). Tierra LiCausi, who got sent home last week on t...

AshLee..Leave Tierra Alone!

Ashlee really needs to get a life!!! Seriously! Not only did she bully  this girl straight off of the show but she is continuing to bash her off the show as well. Ashlee really just needs to ¨No comment¨ when asked questions  about Tierra. Now she is feeding rumours that Tierra, if really engaged is probably some Tierra drama and that it is just a hoax!!! Lady you are 32 years old, claim that you have been through so much, so show some compassion, have some class and leave Tierra alone!
Read the article and come to your own conclusions....I have!

Karma Is A Bitch

   I can't believe it, and worst of all I can't believe that Sean fell for the bullying. As much as I love this kid, he really disappointed me. This was such a set-up from the beginning! Tierra was given the first rose...of course the other girls would have cast her out as the "bitch that got the first rose". Of course they would have started with the cattiness making her feel vulnerable and making her build up the walls around her. Of course poor Tierra would have had her guard up from the first instance she entered the house holding the VERY FIRST ROSE. What the hell was Sean thinking!!!! Worst of all why couldn't he just have a few one on one dates with her at the beginning instead of making her go through this to finally be told to leave right before the ceremony. I bet the rest of the girls really loved the way she was thrown out!
   Bullying at it's best. And Sean along with the rest of the girls are all at fault. I am so upset that it has taken me a few days to be able to write about it without blowing my mind. But then I come across this article, where Sean writes about his reasoning and feelings! I am even more disappointed in him! I truly believe that Tierra was in love with Sean and really just wanted to get to know him and see if she could be the one!
Here is the link to the article : http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20673004,00.html

All I have to say about all this :
Karma is a bitch, and what goes around comes around!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Biggest Meltdown In Bachelor History

Must read the article!!!


Spoilers : 02/11

Ok found clips with what we will be seeing Monday! So exciting! Tierra finally goes on a one on one date, people bitch about Tierra and so on!!!

OMG...Does Sean Hate Tierra?

I found a new video ladies. He talks about the polar plunge and actually says that he doesn't think Tierra had Hypothermia!!! Does this mean she off tomorrow???? He says more but I do not want to spoil it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sean Looked Disapointed After Montana

I found an article where Sean talked about how confused he was after his Montana Dates. You can go hear to read about it : http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20670890,00.html
I just want to say one thing: Tierra is NOT a monster! She is and has been bullied from day one because of her rose! The bitches in that house are relentless! She is not there to make friends...she is there to fall in love and get the guy! Tough shit to the rest of them! They need a lesson in bullying and get a life and get off the show. Furthermore the producers need to sop trying to make her look like a crazy woman! That is unfair!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ryan Seacreat Interview wih Sean Lowe


The Bachelor Sean Lowe - driving FAIL !!

Ok...he's not perfect....ok...he IS!!!! Just because the car wasn't working properly doesn't make him less of a man. What makes him a man is the fact that he didn't swear up and down and blame the girl that it was her fault!