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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ding Dong The Bitch Is Gone

    Come on now...can anyone really, truly tell me that Ashlee was nice? No way! She was a bitch and cold hearted and manipulative and repetitive and ohhhhh soooooo freaken BORING!!! It was always the same thing with her...he past her past her past...her rejection, rejection, rejection!! GET OVER IT GIRL!!! I mean it was like she always brought Sean down with the talk all the time of her childhood and why she is the way she is because of her rejection as a child. Ok...we got it...now MOVE ON!!!! And that monotone voice. Remember when they went on the date with those two little girls at the amusement park? She looked so annoyed that the date did not revolve her...THAT IS WHEN I SAW THROUGH HER....but poor Sean did not! That's ok...she is gone now!!! Tierra must be so excited!!! Karma baby...you gotta love karma! Look at her eyes....pure evil and hate!!